Four factors that fueled the engineering and construction sector into a mainstay of the town

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December 4 , Politburo meeting set the tone for the economic work next year , the meeting noted the need to actively and steadily promote urbanization . Market analysts believe that the theme of urbanization has risen to the level of building a moderately prosperous society in the future development of Chinese society, its importance will become more prominent.
Recent urbanization theme in the A-share market continued to ferment warming from 1949 points to lead the market bottomed out, stock index on the 5th cumulative increase of 6.33 percent . Analysts pointed out that the overall downturn in the broader market on the occasion , the theme of urbanization led the broader market upside Adversity make revitalized to become the mainstay of the letter A stock market .
It is worth mentioning that the concept of urbanization in the A -share market recently stepped in an orderly manner , engineering and construction sector as a direct benefit of urbanization is the first to start , statistics show that the sector since November 30 rose 3.37 percent to start since , as of yesterday, the cumulative increase reached 12.59% .
Stocks rose more than 8 percent
Engineering and construction on the 10th rose 1.53% , turnover of 6.962 billion yuan . 67 engineering and construction stocks can be traded within the sector , there are 55 stocks rose, accounting for 82%. Among them, Lawton ( 10.06% ) , Black Peony ( 9.98% ) , Hung Road Steel ( 6.41% ) and other three shares rose more than 6%.
From capital flows , the plate has a net inflow of 37 shares of large orders, the cumulative 294,056,400 yuan . Specifically , China's construction ( 83,932,400 yuan ) , Gezhouba ( 26,029,100 yuan ) , China Railway ( 21,210,400 yuan ) and other three share a large net inflow of over 20 million yuan alone .
Engineering and construction from the first to start on November 30 , there are 67 stocks in the tradeable sector to achieve the range 66 shares rose , accounting for 98.5%. Specific look , there are 41 stocks rose over 10 %, which, Lawton ( 78.14% ) , Ningbo Construction ( 39.56% ) , Tenda construction ( 28.24% ) , Chengdu Bridge ( 25.43% ) , Long Yuan Construction ( 24.48% ) , Pubang garden ( 23.35% ) , black Peony ( 22.41% ) , North Bridge ( 22.05% ) , Yanhua Smartech ( 21.27% ) , nine stocks rose over 20%.
Four factors to help out
For the project first started building rose 12.59% , some analysts believe that is mainly due to four factors : First, the data show that in November the ring data to improve the industry , including earthmoving machinery, concrete machinery decline began to narrow . November sales data chain rose sharply , which linked truck sales were 100%. Second, the market is expected to improve in the first quarter next year sales data . Since September NDRC approval by multiple rail transportation projects and infrastructure investment data representing a significant improvement in the time projected here , the market is expected in the first quarter next year will be better engineering and construction data . Third , the current study is deepening urbanization , the World Bank are also involved in the study of Chinese urbanization patterns in the past, look forward to the ongoing urbanization , constitute a long-term positive for the industry needs . Fourth, the early accumulation fell sharply rebound power .
Huatai Securities, said in the infrastructure sector , the valuation is not the focus , with the increasing financial pressure , the infrastructure company's financial leverage has reached absolute high speed deleveraging upgrade will be to determine whether the valuation of important indicators , promising to gradually improve the cash flow of the railway infrastructure sector ; structural opportunities decoration sector valuations after switching ; in the industrial area of ​​investment, promising coal chemical industry driven by the allocation of resources ; bottom-up logic, promising results pessimism bottomed Seiko Steel steel faucet , and construction of seawall around the sea leading regional shares .

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