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2012 in terms of the construction machinery industry will be memorable year with haze after slowing domestic economic growth , there is a surge after the "low down payment , zero down payment" event enterprise accounts receivable , inventory has to a great pressure, shock ...... However, there are economic markets overseas mergers and acquisitions , but also have good export transcripts, there are companies perseverance ...... hard skills . In the industry slowdown, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure , real estate, new construction area is rapidly shrinking , or even negative growth environment , engineering machinery enterprises difficult. However, there are negative factors have failed to affect the pace of development of construction machinery industry.
There are agencies that macroeconomic gradually pick up in 2013 , annual GDP growth is expected at 8.3 %. Machinery industry is expected to occur in the fourth quarter of 2012 to stabilize the recovery characteristics , the main sub-sectors or decreases in revenue and net income began to rise , but the magnitude of improvement in profitability is limited, the industry as a whole is difficult to see significant improvement in the operating environment . Thus , in 2013 the performance of the machinery industry fundamentals will lower recovery.
New urbanization promote moderate recovery
Urbanization is a new round of new opportunities for the development of machinery industry. " New urbanization " has been identified as an important engine to lead the future development of China's economy , while urban agglomeration is an important part of the new urbanization . Development of urban populations need to increase investment in urban rail transportation and infrastructure , and thus for the development of machinery industry provides a new opportunity.
" Eighteen " after convening , the central on " new urbanization " strategy increasingly clear. A series of economic measures to become construction machinery bailout straw. The urbanization deserved to become the most interesting construction machinery industry can not miss "high-speed car ." According to the data , each additional urban residents , the city needs new investment in fixed assets of 50 million, and the urbanization rate increased by one percentage point each , the influx of the rural population will increase by 13 million the city (in country's 13 million population) , So will drive the 6.6 trillion yuan of urban construction investment.
Some economists said that urbanization is a new principal investor, mainly related to two core main lines , one connecting the center of the town of intercity and urban rail transit construction of key focus will be to replace the conventional high-speed railway. In other words , the future of rail transit construction in urban rail transport of radiation to the surrounding area as a priority.
2020 China will have more than 50 urban development near mass transit, more than 7000 km , covering China's major cities . With rail transit construction projects have started around the demand for shield machine will enter an unprecedented period of rapid development , in addition, will drive rail transit construction earthwork machinery, comprehensive development of piling machinery , lifting machinery and other products.
600000000000 railway enticing aroma of cake
In the absence of new growth macroeconomic background , from the perspective of continuity plan execution and investment , in 2013 the government to support the railways should not weaken . According to the "Twelfth Five-Year" construction plan , in 2015 the railway operating mileage to reach 120,000 kilometers , which means a year over the next three years to add 7,000 km railway mileage of about 2013 railway construction task is still arduous.
According to the Ministry of Railways of the current plan, the first half of the railway infrastructure investment will increase significantly .
In 2012, the Ministry of Railways was in July , September , October raised three times last year, plans to invest 630 billion yuan , of which 516 billion yuan investment in railway infrastructure , equipment upgrades and renovation investment 114 billion yuan .
In this year , with the launch of new urbanization , investment MOR may increase.
Last September , the national railway construction mobilization meeting came the news that 2013 railway fixed assets investment of 65 million, of which 527 billion investment in infrastructure .
The China Railway Group Chairman Lee grow in " eighteen " interview , said the state initially identified will improve railway infrastructure investment scale in 2013 to 600 billion yuan , which accounted for approximately 60% of the high-speed rail .
Since the second quarter , engineering machinery enterprises generally begin to adjust credit sales policy , focusing on the return of funds . Although the short-term demand will further weaken the negative impact on sales and profits will , but the company 's balance sheet will be repaired , operational risks have begun to gradually release conducive to rational industry , return to a healthy state , business risk gradually released.
Based on 2012 fixed asset investment growth of 16% , unchanged from the import and export growth of 10% assumption , based on the model estimates 2013 demand for construction machinery industry will be a slight increase of 6.7% , slightly better than in 2012 , demand for construction machinery in 2013 expected to show a weak recovery.

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