This year the industry grew less than expected in 2013 increased 13% pre-

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November 7 , the China Construction Machinery Industry Association held in Xi'an Qi Jun , president of China Construction Machinery Industry Association of the fourth secondary member congress & 11th Engineering Machinery Development Forum said it expects full-year operating income of low- at the beginning of the forecast level , but still a slight increase from last year. And before the 2013 Chinese construction machinery will show steady trend after high trend is expected to grow about 13 percent more than in 2012 , exports grew by about 20 %.
Industry progress
In conclusion, the construction machinery industry 's achievements this year , Qi Chun said the industry has made significant progress in the transformation and upgrading , the main high-end, as well as the implementation of international strategies.
2012 , Xuzhou Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. QAY500 all terrain crane technology National Science and Technology Progress Award. According to industry enterprise reporting, and another 28 engineering machinery products and technologies for China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award. Among them, Zoomlion carbon fiber composite material and its key technology boom truck series , XCMG Construction Machinery large crawler cranes and industrialization of key technologies to get the first prize. Sany and Chang'an University hydraulic drive motor grader key technology research and application, Hill pushed shares hydrostatic transmission and intelligent control of key technology research and application , Xuzhou Heavy versatile held high jet engines and industrialization of key technologies , Xugongkeji development of large-tonnage loader and its core technology, XCMG basis XZ3000 horizontal directional drilling , road GRl50M grader XCMG , Zoomlion SU Juan PERl30 super paver, Anhui Heli series 28 to 46 tons of heavy internal combustion forklifts and industrial R & D of Northern Heavy QJYS-058 Double Expansion shield TBMs , Liugong wheel loaders CLG856111 of 10 won the second prize . There Sany HIPS30 concrete wet spraying machine 16 won the third prize .
In terms of the capture of high-end , high-quality , high -tech equipment is characterized by endless . According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association estimates, as of the end of October 2012 , the high-end engineering machinery and equipment sales accounted for approximately 40% industry-wide sales. Hydraulic excavators, from January to September 2012 sales of 93,155 units, of which local brands of hydraulic excavator market share of 44.4% , absolute dominance in the pattern of Japanese , Korean , European and indigenous four brand series. It is worth mentioning that , Trinity 1 to September total sales of 13,568 units of hydraulic excavators , continue to represent the nation. The concrete machinery, earth moving machinery , cranes , etc., in the proportion of sales of high-end products to increase further.
2012 , the sea voyage, multinational operations, became prominent features of Chinese construction machinery enterprises , relevant enterprises to actively take measures to strive to achieve new breakthroughs in the world of local products, technology, personnel, sales, service and cultural integration . According to customs statistics, from January to September, the national construction machinery import and export volume of $ 19 billion , an increase of 2.6%. The import amount of $ 4.68 billion , down 35.4% ; exports amounted to $ 14.31 billion , an increase of 27% , the trade surplus $ 9.63 billion , an increase of $ 5.6 billion .
Face difficulties
Qi Chun also analyzed that this year because the state investment in fixed assets and related fine-tuning measures to boost demand effect is not obvious , construction machinery market demand continued to drop, so that the entire industry has been the main economic indicators in the low range .
According to the China Construction Machinery Industry Association, key contact conglomerates estimates, as of September this year , China's construction machinery conglomerates sales grew 0.02% , gross profit fell 28.42% . According to preliminary statistics Association , loaders 1 to September sales 138,341 units, down 28.1 percent ; excavator sales 93,155 units, down 37.1 percent ; wheeled crane sales 17,957 units, down 38.8% ; industrial vehicles achieve selling 226,197 units, down 7.31% ; compactor sales 10,862 units, down 40.7%.
But for this situation , Qi Chun still think industry enterprises to cope with the future to maintain confidence in the development of problem-solving . He analyzed that the country this year for some new situations and new problems appearing in the economy , increasing the fine-tuning efforts. The central government to increase investment in technological transformation of enterprises support the introduction of 42 new 36 implementing rules to encourage private investment , increase the livelihood of infrastructure to accelerate affordable housing projects and the renovation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas , to start some major cities underground pipe network transformation and drainage works, strengthen water conservancy facilities. At the same time , implement and improve policies and measures to stabilize exports, to further promote trade facilitation , and actively expand imports , cancellation and adjustment 314 administrative examination and approval department projects, these measures will enhance market confidence and promote economic growth stabilized played a very important role , will increase demand for construction machinery market is conducive to the development of the industry .
Future expectations
For 2013 , Qi Chun believes that China's economic growth is expected to remain within the target range established in early 2012 , and has been showing a steady rise in the trend, with the early introduction of intensive policy measures put in place to play a role , in 2013 China economy is expected to further stabilize.
From the analysis of the international situation , despite the deepening European debt crisis spread , the U.S. sovereign credit rating was lowered further turmoil in world financial markets , further increase global inflationary pressures , but the Chinese enterprises in the international market will continue to face a valuable strategic opportunities , especially Brazil , Russia, India , South Africa and other BRICS demand for construction machinery steadily recovering , South America , CIS, Southeast Asia , Middle East and Africa and other developing countries is still a huge market demand.
This year, several key enterprises in the industry have made gratifying achievements in the pace of internationalization. XCMG two parts enterprises in mergers and acquisitions in Europe , based on the construction of XCMG European R & D center, thereby releasing more dynamic and competitive in the global layout. In addition to plants and engineering centers in Brazil , XCMG base in Indonesia, South Africa , Eastern Europe, India, the steady implementation of plans to build overseas sales service parts around 200 outlets , enhance brand value from the globe.
Germany Putzmeister Sany acquisition , so powerful combination of complementary advantages . The acquisition enriched product portfolio Trinity enhance its research and innovation capacity and international operations management experience and international marketing , service levels, but also to consolidate the Trinity prominent position in the international concrete machinery manufacturing field .
At this year's successful acquisition of the Polish Liugong construction machinery enterprises HSW. This is the first Polish privatization of state assets by the Chinese enterprises to participate in the project , and so far China 's largest investment project in Poland , but also Liugong largest overseas investment project , Liugong is an important milestone in the process of globalization . Experienced a short run-in , as of now , Liugong Poland outstanding performance of the company , has successfully reverse losses , both to give the wave of confidence .
Given the economic situation and development of the industry at home and abroad , said Qi Jun , one of China's construction machinery industry as the focus of the industry , is still in the formative years , will receive the attention and support , this year's adjustment is the result of active regulation of the country , is a rational return , in line with expectations , in favor of the construction machinery industry adjustment and transformation , innovation and upgrading, to maintain its favorable long-term , healthy and stable and rapid development. Taking into account this year fine-tuning the policy role of the state to the construction machinery industry takes time, even with large policies, but also lag . Therefore, the pressure in the first half next year 's construction machinery industry is still large run low . Qi Jun appeal to the whole industry to further raise awareness , both to fully assess the complexity and seriousness of the situation , to enhance the sense of crisis and sense of urgency, but also to see favorable conditions for the development of confidence in the firm . Meanwhile, we should strengthen the monitoring and analysis of economic operation, timely demands and proposals to seek progress , to ensure appropriate growth industry sectors throughout the year as the starting point and ending point.

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