• Product: HZS120 Concrete mixing plant
  • Item No.: HZS120
  • Added time: 2014-03-11
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    HZS120 series concrete mixing plant produces 120m³ concrete every hour, there are three plant types A, B & C.

    A type plant features low manufacturing cost and relatively flexible design position of the silo body.

    The B type plant features compact structure, small floor area, and more energy conservation than the A type plant with the same productivity.

    C type plant features compact structure and small floor area, and has lower energy consumption and more scientific silo design and can effectively reduce production interruption conditions caused by batch turning compared with products which has the same productivity and other models.

    HZS series concrete mixing plant consists of six systems and peripheral support equipment. The six systems include:

    ◆concrete mixing system

    ◆material supply system

    ◆material measuring system

    ◆electrical apparatus control system

    ◆a water & additive supply system

    ◆an air circuit system


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