• Product: Dry-mixed Mortar Plant
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  • Added time: 2014-03-11
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    The dry mortar mixing plant produced by Luoyang Zhisheng Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly used for mixing general and special mortars. The device can accurately measure the dried and sieved aggregates, cement and other gel materials, mineral additives, admixtures and other materials according to the formula, and mix them uniformly, thereby producing qualified high-quality dry mortar. It also performs bulk storage or packaging for the produced mortar, to meet the different needs of the market.


    Main features:
    Personalized configuration, stability and reliability
    High fast mixing efficiency
    High metering accuracy
    Intelligent control
    Modular design, quick installation
    Failure warning System
    Patented dust removal, cleanliness and environmental protection

    Mixing system: international leading WAM mortar mixer is adopted, with stable and reliable performance, a working speed of 100-120r/min, fast convection rate, and excellent mixing efficiency. It also has unique feeding process, multi-period point-based control, which greatly improves the mixing efficiency and the quality of the mortar. Multiple decentralized knife sets are used, so that the materials will be get agglomerated, to improve mixing uniformity. The knives and blades are made of high-strength wear-resistant materials, which excellent prolonged life. It is also equipped with a special sampler, which is convenient and simple, to improve the efficiency.

    Metering system: the accurate measurement can effectively improve the quality of the mortar. The whole plan adopts weighing sensors and measurement instruments of world-class brands. The high-performance pneumatic components ensure accurate measurement and fast response, greatly improving the stability of the equipment. The sand, cement, and additives are classified for measurement, to accelerate the pace of proportioning. The system is also equipped with automatic compensation and correction of drop in elevation, ultra difference settings and alarm functions.

    Control System: the pc + plc engineering control technology is adopted, to ensure the stability and reliability of the system; dual-machine hot backup, carefree switching between manual and automatic productions, one-key-to-restore for the system software on the industrial control computer, instant repair for system abnormalities, sound diagnostic capabilities, to achieve more effective maintenance, three-screen control on the new console, beautiful appearance, a production process at a glance; real-time monitoring and display of target values, ingredient values and weighing error values, more powerful human-computer interaction, more precise report classifications, to facilitate classification-based query.

    Packaging system: automated packaging machines, allowing one person to operate multiple units, fast packing, saving operating costs; high-intelligence equipment, automatic bag clamping, weighing, turning, and sealing fulfilled in a non-stop process; multi-stage dust removing measures to improve the working environment for the operator; bulk mortar can be placed in the storage tanks, which are transported to the construction site in conjunction with the mortar tanks for real time each mixing onsite, thus improving the recycling rate.

    Drying system: both electric drying and steam drying are adopted, which can be planned according to the actual needs of users; the drying cylinders adopt new energy-saving technologies, and the mosaic structure, so that the inner, the middle tube and the outer tubes can form an organic insulation body, to save unnecessary heat loss, and increase the heat exchange surface and the intensity of evaporation per unit volume.

    Dedusting system: the company has increased research efforts in terms of collecting the dust in the mixing plant. It has won 18 national patents simply in such aspects as dust conveying, positioning, removing, and recycling; in addition, targeted at the characteristics of serious dust pollution at mortar plants, the cyclone dust collection system is added to ensure that both the inside and the outside of the plant are the same clean. In addition, it is also possible to carry out equipment maintenance without turning off the machine, which has greatly enhanced the reliability. What’s more, according to the different characteristics of the dust in the working conditions of different organizations, special filters are equipped to perform forced dust removal, so that the dust emission can reach or exceed the national EIA standard.


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