Quality assurance

Concrete mixing plant quality assurance and service commitment


We promise: Pay regular visit to our products after sell, pay active service, notify customers about equipment hidden danger promptly and dispatch related personnel to deal with equipment defaults within 24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province upon receiving repair notice.

1. Ensure the equipment provided by us is in line with the GB T10171-2005 and has stable structure, reliable performance and high weighing accuracy.

2. The seller trains operation and maintenance personnel as well as technical consulting service for the buyer free of charge. The buyer must equip personnel with equivalent qualifications.

3. The seller provides lifelong service for his equipment and paid service for his equipment when the warranty period is expired.

4. Within the warranty period, the seller repairs equipment damages free of charge caused by design, technology or manufacturing except majeure and human factors.

5. The buyer must use and maintain equipment in strict accordance with the provisions of the documents equipped with the machine. The seller shall not provide warranty for equipment damages caused by improper use, maintenance or oil filling; but will send relevant personnel to repair on the premise of the buyer bears all costs.

6. Products enjoy one-year warranty due to product quality problems since the date of leaving factory. The warrant period is calculated from the day of acceptance after equipment installation and commissioning; and from the tenth day since the seller notifies the acceptance day but the acceptance cannot be done due to reasons caused by the buyer.

7. The seller replies within two hours upon receiving service telephone or fax notice and arranges related personnel to arrive the site to remove faults in the shortest possible time (depending on users’ addresses), so as to ensure users can use the equipment normally.

8. For the buyer concerning foreign affairs or major projects, the seller can create special services and set up special service personnel, so as to meet specific needs of the buyer. Costs shall be discussed by the two sides further.

9. If the buyer has opinions to the service personnel of the seller due to service, quality or unreasonable charges, you can complain directly to the seller’s service department by dialing 86-379-64288966

10. Service hotline:0379-64288968